5 Interview Mistakes That Are Holding You Back

During the interview process, even a small error can hurt your chances of eventually receiving an offer. Make sure that you’re not making any of these common interview mistakes that can hold you back:

Poor Body Language:

You might have the best experience and skills to do the job, but it may be difficult for a hiring manager to see that if your body language portrays you as disengaged or uncomfortable. To present yourself in the best possible light, give a firm handshake when you meet your interviewer, make strong eye contact, and sit up straight during the interview.

Asking Questions With Obvious Answers:

When you ask a question that can easily be found on the website, it shows your interviewer that you didn’t do your research. Be sure to consider some thought-provoking questions that will give you more insight into company operations, management style, and goals.

Talking Badly About Past Employers:

Employers want to bring on candidates that can enhance their company culture with a positive attitude. If you are overcritical of your previous employer, it is likely to turn off your interviewer and cost you the job.

Not Sending A Thank You Email:

Failing to send a thank you note following your interview is a simple way for hiring managers to disqualify you from the job. Remember, a thank you note is your final opportunity to make a strong impression as well as address any points that you couldn’t add during your interview.

Downplaying Your Accomplishments:

This potential employer has seen something in you, and they’re looking for someone who can make an impact. As a result, write down your major accomplishments so you can be sure to fit them naturally into your interview.

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