New Job? 5 Strategies To Learn Quickly In Your New Role

When starting a new job, you may feel nervous. Between new responsibilities and new colleagues, it’s natural to feel like you need to prove yourself. While you’re dealing with a learning curve and the uncertainty that lies ahead, be sure that you take these steps to learn quickly in your new role:

Come Prepared To Learn

While you may be itching to dive into your work, this may not be the case on day one. Take this opportunity to learn as much as your can about the company and your position while you’re still getting started. When you learn more up front, it is likely to pay off later.

Chat With Others

Whether you’re mingling with a group of trainees or your new team members, don’t forget to branch out! Not only is this important to incorporate yourself into the company culture, but you can also gain a bigger picture of the organization as a whole. And who knows, you may even make a new friend!

Ask Questions

It may feel defeating when you don’t know how to approach a situation. While it’s important to attempt to solve a problem on your own, there’s no shame in asking for help. Remember, humility and willingness to learn are more admirable qualities than self-glorification.


In the beginning, you may need to spend some time outside of work getting up to speed. Take some time to learn more about:

  • your industry
  • the competitive landscape
  • the company itself
  • your team’s long-term goals

Don’t Slack Off

Once you’ve gotten the hang of your role, be sure that you don’t get too comfortable. Staying on your A-game will show your commitment to the company, and perhaps even increase your chances of a promotion down the line.

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