6 Mistakes Job Seekers Can Avoid With a Recruiter

In your job search, you will inevitably make mistakes along the way. These errors, no matter how small, can cost you a job or prolong your search. However, when you have a partner to help guide you through, you can avoid some common pitfalls. When you work with a recruiter, you gain an advocate in your search who understands what you’re looking for.

Here are 6 common mistakes that can be avoided with the help of a recruiter…

1. Wasting Time

Searching for the right job postings, filling out applications, and tailoring your resume can take several hours per week. For those who are juggling other responsibilities while searching for a new position, this can be incredibly stressful. When you have a recruiter assisting you in your search, they first work to understand exactly what you’re looking for. Then, they can take the reins to identify the right opportunities that fit your needs. You also gain an insider who can present you to an employer rather than submitting your application through an online channel—ultimately giving you a more focused job search experience.

2. Visiting the Same Job Boards

Once you get into the routine of a job search, you may have stopped thinking outside of the box. Visiting the same job boards day after day may not be the most effective way to spend your time. With a recruiter, you gain access to more opportunities, many of which are never posted online.

3. Resume Faux Pas

Submitting a resume often comes with some unspoken rules, and it can be easy to make a mistake. These faux pas may even vary by industry, and it can be difficult to tell what an employer wants to see from your resume. A recruiter who understands the industry and knows the employer can tell you exactly how to adjust your resume to get noticed before it is submitted to the employer.

4. Skipping Interview Preparation

Many job seekers can get overly confident, often skipping interview preparation because they know that they can speak about their own experience. However, not researching the company or preparing answers to basic questions can result in drawing a blank in the interview. With a recruiter, they can prepare you for the interview by giving you mock questions and telling you more about what you can expect from the interviewer. Because they have built relationships with these employers, they know how to best prepare you.

5. Not Considering Cultural Fit

For many job seekers, they may get more hung up on the job itself rather than how they fit into an organization’s culture. However, cultural fit can be a big indicator of your satisfaction with the job down the road. Recruiters understand that finding the right fit is crucial for both you and the employer, and they’ve taken the time to understand how your personality would fit into an organization.

6. Not Asking for Interview Feedback

Regardless of whether you’re offered the position, job seekers don’t often ask for interview feedback. As a result, you may never know if you’re doing something wrong that is costing you the job. Because recruiters have built relationships with these employers, they can always get honest feedback to you—helping you improve at a faster rate.

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