Find Out If An Employer Is Investing In Employees With These 5 Interview Questions

When interviewing for a job, you may be most concerned with whether you can succeed in the role.

However, it is also important to determine whether the company respects its employees, has a positive company culture, and promotes employee growth.

And for many younger professionals in particular, professional development is key.

To find out if an employer is investing in employees, ask these questions that can hint at the true nature of professional development within the organization:

What are some different career paths within the organization that employees have taken?

When asking this question, pay attention to how many examples the employer can list, as well as the variety of paths taken. 

If there are too few examples, or the paths seem a bit stagnant, that may be a red flag.

However, if the interviewer can name several people who have worked up the ranks in different ways, they may be excellent at identifying potential.

What qualities do you look for in a leader of your organization?

This question can help you understand some of the qualities that may have helped others rise to leadership positions within the company.

As a result, it can help you decide whether you may fit into a leadership role down the road.

When you know what’s important to decision makers, you’ll better understand how employees receive promotions and what you can do to move up quickly.

Can you tell me more about the company’s culture and values?

Professional development is often a cornerstone of company culture, and it should be mentioned in the interviewer’s answer if it’s truly important to the organization.

With this in mind, pay attention to how often growth or professional development is cited.

If they don’t reference it at all when discussing company culture, it may not be a top priority.

How long have other members of the team been here?

An important indicator of employee investment is deciphering the company’s employee retention.

For employees who are dissatisfied with their ability to grow in their role, they are likely to find a new job.

And for employers who don’t address this kind of dissatisfaction, they will continue experiencing high turnover.

As a result, if your potential team members have all started within the last year or two, that may be a sign that employees move on quickly and may not be fulfilled in their role.

Can you tell me about the last person who held this position?

Similarly, this question can also help you understand whether the organization has retention issues.

While the actions of one employee should be taken with a grain of salt, it can still give you some insight.

For example, if the person who held this role has been promoted, that is a positive sign that the company promotes growth and gives employees opportunities when they see drive and potential.

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