How To Answer "Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?"

During an interview, you may be asked the question, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” Here’s how to answer:

1. Include the company you’re interviewing with

Including the company makes it clear that you are planning to stay long-term. Otherwise, it can seem like you’re only interested in this role until something better comes along.

2. Know the role

Without understanding the responsibilities of the role, you won’t be able to articulate how you expect those responsibilities to grow and develop in 5 years.

3. Emphasize growth

Most employers want a driven and motivated employee who won’t be satisfied with minimal effort. As a result, be sure that you include ways you hope to exceed expectations in your answer.

4. Be honest

Remember, interviewers have heard every generic answer, so be honest about what you want. Otherwise, the interviewer will know when you are being disingenuous.

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