Should You Consider Temporary Employment? 5 Questions To Ask

September 21, 2020 Christina O'Handley


The job hunt for many candidates has become more challenging. With the COVID-19 pandemic making the hiring process more competitive, it may be harder to land a new role, especially if you are looking for full-time employment. That’s why you may want to consider temporary employment during this time. Although it may not have been on your radar while searching for a new role, temporary work has many benefits, especially in our current job market. If you’ve never considered temporary work before, you may need to ask yourself if it’s the right move for your career. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to understand if temporary employment is the right fit for you:

Am I unsure about my career path?

If you’re unsure of what you want out of your career, temporary employment may be the right fit for you. Temp work gives you the opportunity to work at different organizations and industries for a short amount of time. This will allow you to get hands-on experience at a variety of companies to help you determine what you like and dislike. Through this temporary work and experience, you’ll have the knowledge and insight you need to make your next permanent career move.

Do I need more flexibility?

One of the greatest benefits to temporary employment is the flexibility it can provide. While full-time roles typically have more rigid schedules, temporary work can be more adaptable and lenient. By taking on temporary work, you’ll be able to bring in a paycheck while also having the added time you need for other obligations and opportunities.

Do I need work right away?

Temporary employment may also be essential if you’ve found yourself laid off or furloughed for a long period of time. Typically, employers look to contract workers when they have an urgent need. This makes the temporary hiring process shorter and a little more flexible. By opening yourself up to temporary work, you may be able to land a job sooner than expected, which will bring in the essential money you may need at this time.

Will I have the time to find the right role for me?

Along with helping you pay the bills, temporary employment gives you the added time you may need to find the right role for you. You may have some full-time offers coming your way, but if you don’t feel like these organizations are the right fit, you won’t feel the pressure to accept a role you may regret. Temporary work gives you the opportunity to wait for the right role while you continue to work.

Can I use a confidence boost?

If you’ve been looking for a full-time job for months, you may be feeling down and stressed about your job search. Finding temporary employment during this time can shake up your current routine and give you the confidence you need. This boost in confidence can also provide you with the motivation to network and apply to roles that can lead you to the right opportunity.

If you decided temporary employment may be the right fit for you, search and apply to temp roles on our website today.

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